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About Us 

Hello, my name is Deirdre Walker, you can call me Dee. I have been an ex-patriate for many years, having lived in Europe, Middleast, Australia and West Africa. I have lived in Oman for the past 13 years. 
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Dee Walker, owner of Reloglobal
Where do I come from? 
Cork, Ireland. 
Where am I now? 
Muscat, Oman. 
Why am I in Relocations / Global Mobility? 
I know I can ensure you get the best relocation experience. 
What can I do for you? 
What is important to you, the client? 
Local knowledge 
Knowledge of the local housing market 
Understanding the local culture 
Being able to obtain your visa 
Setting up your company smoothly and efficiently 
Ensuring your employees and families settle in to their new environment 
Doing all of the above in a timely, seamless and cost effective way . 
Muttrah Corniche, Muscat, Oman
With our local partners and partners around the world we can assist and provide solutions to all aspects of your relocation (see our Services section of the website). 
ReloGlobal and my team guarantees you, the client whether a large corporate or an individual, a tailor-made premium service. I founded MuscatRelocations in 2012, then ReloGlobal in 2014, because I saw a need for a specialist service in Oman, I have been involved in relocation, orientation, and cultural training programmes all my working life. My background is in Nursing /Midwifery and Hospital Management. I have been that employer and employee. My experience in recruiting staff to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Nigeria, and the UK has taught me the importance of having proper global mobility programmes in place. 
Recruiting staff and bringing them to a new country can be a time-consuming and expensive process. I have always wanted my staff to be “happy, culturally aware, and able to complete their assignments, “ don’t you? 
You require assistance with all or any of the above, contact us. 
+968 9117 2215 
Reloglobal Your Destination Services Specialist for Oman 
Reloglobal Team 
Deirdre (Dee) Walker  ( R.G.N., R.M., CELTA)  Owner Reloglobal
Deirdre (Dee) Walker 
( R.G.N., R.M., CELTA) 
Owner Reloglobal 
Dee Walker is an experienced Relocation/Global Mobility Specialist and the Owner of ReloGlobal in Oman, a Relocation/Destination Service Provider Company. 
An expatriate for over 20 years, having lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Africa, Australia, Germany and Spain. 
Dee has 15 years experience of living in Oman therefore she has a wealth of local knowledge and understanding of how to live and do business in Oman. With an excellent awareness of cultural and social behaviour in the Middle East, Dee is referred to by her clients as the “go to person in Oman”. They want to know something “ask Dee”. 
Dee has developed excellent working relationships with estate agents, landlords and maintenance companies within Oman and prides herself in acting as the clients advocate when it comes to relocating to Oman.  
Dee has sat on various committees as a volunteer, assisted and co-ordinated Fund raising programmes in Oman and is currently a member of the following:  
European Business Group 
Muscat Irish Business Forum in Oman 
WGO( Woman’s Group Oman) . 
Certifications from Managing International Mobility EURA in: 
Cultural Theory & Intelligence 
Excellence in Service Delivery 
Humanitarian Aid Certificate of Appreciation - Operation Avid Recovery 
Member of EURA and Worldwide ERC
Saeed Al Rezaiqi  CEO of Gulf Initiative Trading, ReloGlobal Business Partner and Adviser
Saeed Al Rezaiqi 
CEO of Gulf Initiative Trading, ReloGlobal Business Partner and Adviser 
Saeed has been ReloGlobal’s business partner from the beginning, he has been invaluable with his advice and assistance. 
Saeed assists and co-ordinates all our clients visa and immigration requirements. 
Saeed also assists and advises our clients on Company Sponsorship, Company Formation and Investing in Oman, whether it’s a Mainland LLC, Freezone LLC, Branch Office. 
Catherine Abbott, consultant at ReloGlobal
Catherine Abbott 
Catherine has been an expatriate for a number of years, some of the locations she has lived in are Morrocco , UAE, plus Oman. 
Patricia McKenna, consultant at Reloglobal
Patricia McKenna 
Patricia has been an expatriate for a number of years, having lived and worked in UK, Bahrain and Oman. 
Patricia’s background is in banking, tourism and education. 
Companies We Have Assisted 
Dee welcomed us to Muscat and spent 3 days helping us hunt for homes and schools. 
She took us to lunch, drove us around town and really calmed my nerves and made me feel more at ease about moving all the way across the world. I know that when I arrive in Oman, I can call on her with any little question. I didn’t want to let her go on our last day together. THANK YOU Dee for everything, large and small. Hope to see you soon. 
Sarah Wilson Shalley 
ReloGlobal, Oman, has been a most professional and dependable company to deal with. 
I have used ReloGlobal for their exit package when leaving Oman. We have used them in the past to move house locally, working with them then was excellent. Their knowledge, efficiency,and flexibility are commendable. They took the worry and stress out of moving and gave us a lot of useful tips. 
They helped us with everything from finding a packing and removals company to closing down utilities, banking, selling car and items of furniture, relocating our pet. They have made our exit from Oman after 12 years working with Carillion in Muscat, Oman, a smooth and stress free experience. 
Alan and Lana Deacon, Carillion 
We have used ReloGlobal, for our employees relocating into Muscat. 
They went out of their way to ensure that everything we take for granted when living in our home countries, but omit when we relocate, were highlighted, organised and delivered. 
Requests were dealt with speed and efficiency, they have helped us with everything from, finding homes, schools and the settling in process. ReloGlobal’s local knowledge of Muscat has proved invaluable. 
Driver/Trett, Oman 
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