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Cultural Awareness Training  

Cross cultural awareness training helps to ensure the expatriate relocation is successful and reduces the impact of “culture shock.” 
It helps new companies succeed in their new overseas environment. 
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Why Avail of the Cross-Cultural Awareness Training?  

Prepares families, individuals and employees both mentally and physically for their relocation. 
Increases and encourages cross cultural understanding. 
Helps reduce stress. 
It provides an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered. 
Assists in the settling in process. 
Reduces the risk of relocation failure. 
Assists with effective communication with other countries and cultures. 
Assists with developing a global mindset, which in turn can help prevent disagreements, misunderstandings and lost business. 
Families being assisted by local consultants
At ReloGlobal we know it’s important to understand the culture and customs of Oman. All Arab countries are different, no two are the same. 
There are even differences in the various locations of Oman (Muscat, Nizwa, Sohar, Duqum, and Salalah). 
Cultural Awareness training not only helps the client settle in to their new environment, but can assist employees and managers in business in Oman, to understand how to work with local employees and the do’s and don’t’s of doing business in various parts of Oman. 

Arab Cultural Awareness 

Traditional Omani dance and costumes

Examples of topics covered 

Understanding Oman 
Political, historical and economic information. 
Customs and traditions. 
Business information. 
Hotel in Muscat, Oman


Islam in the work place. 
Behaviour in public. 
Understanding Ramadam. 
Business people in training

Relocating to Oman 

Preparing for your relocation. 
What you will need to bring. 
Etiquette and behaviour. 
Shopping, transport, entertainment. 
Medical ( Hospitals/clinics) 
Education, holidays. 
Two ladies working together

Doing Business in Oman 

Business etiquette. 
Effective communication. 
Business meetings. 
Relationship building. 
Entertaining in business. 
Language tuition. 

Expatriate Solutions 

ReloGlobal specialises in Relocation Services, helping you move to Oman stress free, Our services are catered to corporate and home relocations. 

Settling-in Services 

Our settling-in services are tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements. ReloGlobal aims to ease your transition between relocating and settling in your new home. 

Repatriation Services 

You have completed your assignment, transferring to a new country, or returning back home, we at ReloGlobal can assist. 

Visa and Immigration 

With our local partner, we offer in-depth knowledge of Oman , we will be able to give you advice and assistance with all your visa and immigration queries. 
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